Teaching App: Padlet

padlet_logo_jit-288x300Padlet is a simple and powerful way to let students collaborate through a digital interface. Plus, setup is super easy; after you create an account, you can make a new Padlet and share the link with students, who do not need accounts to contribute.  When students follow the link, they will be taken to a blank page with the Padlet title in the top left.  From there, all they have to do is double click in the blank space to create a sticky note in which they can write their ideas. The coolest part is that, similar to Google apps, all changes can be viewed in real time by all contributors, allowing students to see the class’s collaborative document developing instantaneously.  Continue reading

Teaching App: Remind

Remind is probably my most used teaching app (besides maybe Google Classroom), and it’s the one I’ve found to be the simplest to implement and the most beneficial for communication.  It can be set up for communication with students and parents via email, text, or through the Remind app (mobile download). It’s basically set up the same as any other messaging app, but with some additional teacher-friendly features.   Continue reading