To Correct, or Not to Correct?

This year, I started a new elective class called “Digital Literacy” that focuses on building the core digital literacy skills and, specifically, working on our school’s online newspaper. Later on, I’ll do a series of posts about the creation, implementation, and benefits of the school newspaper. For today, however, I want to put into writing a question I’ve been considering since starting the newspaper:  How thoroughly should I edit student articles before they are posted? Continue reading

Teaching App: Remind

Remind is probably my most used teaching app (besides maybe Google Classroom), and it’s the one I’ve found to be the simplest to implement and the most beneficial for communication.  It can be set up for communication with students and parents via email, text, or through the Remind app (mobile download). It’s basically set up the same as any other messaging app, but with some additional teacher-friendly features.   Continue reading

The Problem with Becoming a Comfortable Teacher

In my first year of teaching (even most of my second), every day I stepped into the classroom, I stepped out of my comfort zone. In my third year, I’ve noticed that I feel pretty comfortable, and the day to day work of being a teacher feels normal. This isn’t a bad thing in itself, but I’ve found that feeling comfortable as a teacher has re-sensitized me to leaving my comfort zone. I really believe that you should do things that make you feel uncomfortable (to varying degrees) as often as you can in order to grow and avoid the dreaded rut. Continue reading