Student Survey Results


My last day of student teaching, I asked the students to fill out a short survey asking them about their favorite and least favorite activities or lessons from the marking period.  During our last classes, I distributed these surveys and asked students to take 5-10 minutes to fill them out.  In part, I wanted to see the survey results because I believe that students’ favorite activities are also the ones they’ll be most engaged in and make them more receptive to learning the skills I’m helping them develop.  That being said, one important question to consider is how much should student enjoyment factor into planning lessons and activities?  I do think, as mentioned above, that student interest is a vital part of increasing student learning, but are there some skills students need to learn that they just don’t like practicing no matter what form the lesson takes (e.g. public speaking)?  It’s a big question that doesn’t necessarily have a “correct” answer, but it is something to think about both while viewing these survey results and more generally when planning.  The other reason I wanted students to take this survey is that we developed a new curriculum for the marking period I taught, focused on the Holocaust and Elie Wiesel’s Night. I felt it particularly important to get feedback from students since this was the first year for many of these lessons.  Note: At the bottom of this post is an appendix with descriptions of each activity and lesson. Continue reading