PBL Basics #1: Challenging Problems & Questions

114017bNote: This series of posts is inspired by Larmer, Mergendoller, and Boss’s (2015) recently released book, Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning.  It is a great book for anyone looking to get into or learn more about project/inquiry based learning.  These posts are just a small sample of the pedagogical tools you will find inside.  A full review will be up after this four-part series is complete. Continue reading

Memorization in Moderation

In grad school, we focused a lot of attention on what Paulo Friere – one of the all-stars of educational philosophy – calls the “banking model” of education and, specifically, how to avoid treating students like “empty vessels” within which we as teachers simply disperse knowledge.  With this mindset, I entered my first year of teaching, opposed to memorization, believing it would dehumanize my students and turn them into robots, albeit, robots with extensive vocabularies. Continue reading

Leaving Space in Teaching

In my second year of teaching, I feel like I have more insights and suggestions to share with my students.  I’ve had a year’s worth of teaching experience in my own classroom and, over the course of that first year, I’ve honed many skills that have made me a significantly better educator.  I do believe that experience is one of the most effective ways to improve teacher effectiveness, but I have noticed one drawback to my increasing experience as a teacher… Continue reading